Rain Camo Cycling Bib

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For the first time ever, CBNC Cycling is offering a cycling kit to the public. Of course we had to do something different, so we worked with our friends over at Endo Customs (Los Angeles) to create a kit resembling an actual CBNC outfit from this current season. This bib features the same vintage Rain Camo fabric that were used to construct this season's shorts, button down, riding jacket and hats.


*This is a PRE-ORDER item that will be open until September 1, 2014. Production will take 6-8 weeks following the pre-order close.




-Rain Camo pattern matching our Vintage Rain Camo Collection this season

- Italian engineered fabric from M.I.T.I.

- Highly abrasion-resistant fabric with MITITECH high compression technology, featuring 50+SPF/UPF

- Cytech EIT Carbonium COMP HP Chamois

- Laser cut leg band fabric with integrated grip

Rain Camo Cycling Bib