March 30th, 2016



July 6th, 2015

Average Achiever Pt.II Promo

Video by Filmer Hands

June 5th, 2015


We are happy to bring you this limited package in collaboration with San Diego based cycling company, Leader Bikes. This package, limited to only 200 sets, includes a collaborative tee, cycling water bottle, and stickers.

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June 5th, 2015

Volume XIII

Photos by @ohhbucksean

May 11th, 2015

CBNC x Endo Customs Pt.II

By popular demand, CBNC Cycling is releasing it’s second cycling kit to the public. In collaboration with Endo Customs (Los Angeles), we are releasing the reverse pattern of our first cycling kit. If you weren’t aware of our first kit, we created a kit resemebling an actual CBNC outfit from that respective season, utlizing the same patterns and fabrics used in our shirts, shorts, and accessories. Our first kit featured a star patterned jersey resembling one of our button-downs and Rain Camo shorts resembling one of our shorts. This new kit will feature the exact opposite: Rain Camo Jersey and Star Bib. If you were lucky enough to grab our first cycling kit, this means you’ll be able to mix & match the kits giving you a total of 3 different looks. Like the first release, this will be strictly a limited pre-order item and once pre-order ends you will not be able to purchase this kit ever again.


CBNC x Endo Customs

CBNC x Endo Customs

Video by Joshua Farr

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